What Benefit Drinking Water?

drinking water

Sure, it’s refreshing on a hot summer day, but what is the benefit of drinking water in the winter? For that matter, aside from refreshment, what is the benefit of drinking water anytime, whether you’re out jogging, at home surfing the “net”, or eating at a restaurant?

1. Meet Cell Needs

One benefit of drinking water is simply to meet the needs of your cells. Your body weight is almost two-thirds water. If you weigh 150 pounds (68 kg), about 100 pounds (45 kg) of that is water. If you weigh 110 pounds (50 kg), you are carrying about 73 pounds (33 kg) of water everywhere you go. You are mostly water!

  • Human brains are about 85% water.
  • Human blood is about 79% water.
  • Human muscles are approximately 74% water.
  • Human bones are about 22% water.
  • Human teeth contain about 10% water.

Water is constantly leaving your body through natural processes, and it must be replenished. That is a benefit of drinking water. Continue Reading ›