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The most well known T5 slimming pills are produced by Forza – a well-known pharmaceutical company who produce a range of products for slimming, water retention and many other common lifestyle problems.

The T5 slimming pills help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism so that you burn off fat even when you are at rest.

The active ingredient in most T5 products is called Activ-Rx™ and is a powerful blend of antioxidants. also try pro ana tips

Activ-Rx™ contains natural Epicatechin (EC), Epicatechin gallate (ECG), Epigallocatechin (EGCG), all powerful Catechins – antioxidants derived from plant sources, plus Trimethylxanthine a powerful caffeine derivative.

Brief history of T5 slimming pills

The T5 range was first aimed at body builders looking for a strong fat burner and you will find it on sale from many sports and body building outlets.

However, in recent years it seems that plenty of men and women who never go near the gym are also using T5 to lose weight.

How do T5 slimming pills work?

Forza T5 increases the metabolism by the use of the Activ Rx formula and because of the high levels of caffeine found in both the formula and in the additional ingredients. It was popular with body builders because of the energy buzz that it causes helped them to work out for longer and because EGCG helps the conversion of fat to muscle.

Be wary of any just any old T5 slimming pills though, not all work and a number of dubious T5 slimming pills seem to be available on the market. This is why we like Forza as they are a good track history, credible and reliable company who produce high quality T5 slimming pills at affordable prices.


The Forza T5 slimming pills range

There are several products in the T5 range and they vary in strength as well as providing extras according to the type of effect you are looking for.

T5 Original Fat Burner contains caffeine, L-Tyrosine, bitter orange peel and Guarana seed extract as well as Activ-Rx. There is also a Super Strength version with extra stimulant ingredients. (Read our Forza T5 slimming pill review)

Forza T5 Night Time – is a caffeine free version of the original Forza T5 slimming pills, for those sensitive to caffeine or looking to lose weight whilst your sleep! (Read our Forza T5 Night Time review)

Forza T5 Super Heat Fat Burner – contains high strength chilli pepper extract that will help you lose stubborn hard to shed weight by boosting thermogenesis.

Forza T5 Super Strength with Acai Berry – contains the added antioxidants of Acai berries and helps to prevent cell damage and premature ageing. (Read our Forza T5 Acai review)

Forza T5 Kick Start – contains milk thistle and dandelion to combine weight loss with detox.

Forza T5 Body Deluxe for women – helps women stay on top of appetite and sugar craving.

Should I try T5 slimming pills?

There has been a lot of hype surrounding T5 Fat burners and customer opinion is divided. T5 Fat burners have a strong effect upon your metabolism and many people have suffered unpleasant side effects such as mood swings, jittering and sleep disturbances as a result. However T5 will help you lose weight and even people who have found the side effects too unpleasant, report weight loss while taken them.

If you are considering trying Forza T5 for the first time, we recommend the T5 Original Fat Burner which has a milder effect than some of the other T5 products.

We found the best online prices for Forza T5 slimming pills can be found at DesirableBody, who frequently offer 3 for the price of 2 offers.


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